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Several years ago I sketched a drawing for a logo on the back of a notebook for “Journey Through Yoga”. A unicorn and owl within a Full Moon.

My vision was to represent majestic wisdom.

With the help and talent of Rasa Morrison, that sketch transformed into the image you see today!

It may seem a strange logo for something called “Journey Through Yoga” but for me, that journey continues to expand more and more – not away from yoga but to include many other aspects of healing. Of majesty, of wisdom – ancient, new, sacred and personal.

I always hope you find some of that majesty and wisdom on your journey and, I strive to offer aspects of it in my yoga classes, workshops and online offerings.

Now, thanks to Etsy and Printify, this special image is available in my new store for you to have in your home, to wear, or to enjoy your cup of tea or coffee! So you can have a touch of the magical, majestic, and wise with you whenever you’d like. Maybe it will remind you? Transport you? Help you to imagine or dream?

I’m so excited because this has been a vision I’ve had for some time and it’s come true!

Thanks for your support and do let me know which magical items you choose.

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