Episode 11 – Healing with Horses: Vulnerability, Honesty + Wonder with Catherine Calderon

Catherine Calderon

In this episode of Majestic Wisdom Podcast Heather co-creates with Catherine Calderon. Cathy shares her deep, rich journey of dreaming with, connecting with, and working with horses and how it has unfolded throughout her life. Listening to guidance from Goddess or Spirit, she recently uprooted and moved to Florida from NYC to build Blue Harbor Farm.

Cathy offers insight into how horses work with humans (and vice versa) on the energetic, psychological, and spiritual levels and why working with them brings so much healing including vulnerability, moving from emotional incongruity to honesty, working with trauma, and more. She talks openly about challenges she’s moved through in this work and setting up a sanctuary for horses and humans alike as well as the practices and treatments that have helped her along the way (many of which may surprise you!).

Heather also offers a plant spirit reading in relation to this work. We hope that this podcast will inspire you to follow your heart’s dream, reflect upon your own emotional honesty, and understand horses (and yourself) in new ways.

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Visit Blue Harbor Farm’s website: https://www.blueharborfarm.com/
Beauty’s Haven Farm & Equine Rescue: https://bhfer.org/

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