dreamcatcher-1082228_1280What’s in a Dream?Dream Sharing Workshop

September 12th 3-4:15 pm EST + September 13th 11 am-12:15 pm EST
via Zoom

“All dreams come in the service of health and wholeness” -Doug Grunther

Ever want to know what your dreams are telling you?
Do you not remember your dreams and wish you could?
Want to enhance your dreaming abilities?

In this dream workshop we’ll explore some guiding principles of working with dreams, tools to help enhance and promote dream work, learn why sharing dreams is important both individually and collectively and participate in a dream sharing circle.

We will meet for 2 one hour and fifteen minute sessions. The first will focus on the foundations of dreamwork, and the second to participate in a dream sharing circle (either from that night or otherwise). You do not need have any prior experience or even remember your dreams in order to participate.

Session 1: Dreamwork Foundation

  • archetypes, the subconscious and healing
  • why dreamwork is helpful for healing
  • some principles of dreamwork
  • techniques for working with a dream
  • why sharing a dream with others is useful
  • overview of herbs to support dreamwork

Session 2: Dream Sharing Circle

  • bring a dream to share if you wish
  • example of how a dream sharing circle works
  • facilitated dream sharing circle

In our dream sharing circle each participant will be invited to share a dream or a fragment of a dream. We will cover in session 1 how to work with another’s dream and reflect back in a safe and mindful way.

No dream is too big or small.

Handouts will be provided. Group participants will also have the option of continuing on together as a group after this initial workshop to share dreams and see what is revealed.

Space is limited to 6 participants
$35 USD to be paid via Venmo or eTransfer/$40 CAD via eTransfer.*
email to sign up
(if you have a need for sliding scale pricing, let me know)

*Price includes an eBook copy of Dreaming with Mugwort: A Plant Spirit Short Read. Amazon account required to access eBook.


Heather Sanderson is a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and Healer. She has studied dream work with Doug Grunther, Carole Guyett and Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés. She recently studied Sacred Plant Medicine in a 3-year Way of the Wise Healer Apprenticeship in County Clare, Ireland where she traveled deeply into the healing arts and the dream.


Heart Connection Workshophands-heart-love-305530 (1) (1)

What does your heart need? Have you asked?

When we learn to be in connection with the heart, stay with the sensory experience, and allow the heart to show us ways of connecting – with ourselves, our true spirit, and others – the power of the heart can become limitless, accepting, and open.
This workshop will allow you to understand your own heart and how it works in relation to others, decision-making, and living your life in an embodied way.

In this workshop we will:
• discuss a foundational overview of the heart from a yoga, chakra and scientific perspective
• experience a cycle of attunement to help embody sensing from the heart
• move through some yoga postures to explore your personal heart balance (and potential imbalance)
• discover what messages the heart has for you through a deep meditation practice
• connect with another participant in a heart-exploration exercise

Heather had had the privilege of offering this workshop several times in Brooklyn, NY, Georgetown, ON, and Dublin, Ireland. Now available for private booking. Contact Heather at for more information.

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