heartfullmoonself-loveYour Heart’s Desire: Special Full Moon Reiki, Restorative & Yoga Nidra Class

April 29, 2018 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Studio 2 Yoga
78 Main Street South Unit #1, Georgetown
Ontario, Canada, L7G 3G3


Desire. Often a word that brings up different thoughts, beliefs, restrictions, limitations.
Is it okay to know your desires and have them fulfilled?

In Tantra yoga philosophy the aim is to awaken to all aspects of our being, including desire.

The Full moon on April 29th is in Scorpio – the sign associated with desire and you can expect to have many of them come up during this time. Let’s dig a bit deeper and support the desires that want to come through.

In this special class we will:
-move through a centering and sharing circle
-experience some active and restorative yoga postures
-receive Reiki to help rest and release energy
-enjoy a 20-30 minute yoga nidra designed to help us discover our deepest desires

$35 (+HST)
Email or call 905-877-3793 to register.

19875350_10155483730008377_7707596673036215116_nPlant Conversation

May 6, 2018 2:30-3:30 p.m.
Prospect Park, Grand Army Plaza Entrance
On the stone bench closest to the library

Have you ever felt like plants have something to say?
Do you wonder what messages you might be able to receive from nature?

During our time together we will:

-learn about plant consciousness
-discuss the many ways to receive information from plants
-experience a guided meditation to help open your awareness to the plants
-find a personal plant ally to connect with (and see what healing messages can be exchanged)

Bring a notebook, something to write with or draw with.

Dress for the weather. We’ll proceed rain or shine.

No experience necessary. All are welcome.

We’ll meet at the Grand Army Plaza Entrance to the Park. On the Stone Benches, on the side closest to the library.

$25 + Processing fee with Eventbrite.

Sign up here.

Heart Connection Workshop


Did you know that the heart has an electromagnetic field that extends 8-10 feet from the body and is 5,000 times stronger than the field produced from the brain? (HeartMath Institute)

The heart is our primary sense organ and often that sensory experience is overlooked or overruled by the brain.

What happens when we actually tap into the power of our heart?

We are designed have constant communication between the heart center, the rest of the body, and the brain.

When we learn to be in connection with the heart, stay with the sensory experience, and allow the heart to show us ways of connecting – with ourselves, our true spirit, and others – the power of the heart can become limitless, accepting, and open.

This workshop will allow you to understand your own heart and how it works in relation to others, decision-making, and living your life in an embodied way.

In this workshop we will:

  • discuss a foundational overview of the heart from a yoga, chakra and scientific perspective
  • experience a cycle of attunement to help embody sensing from the heart
  • move through some yoga postures to explore your personal heart balance (and potential imbalance)
  • discover what messages the heart has for you through a deep meditation practice
  • connect with another participant in a heart-exploration exercise
Private offering. Email to book for your studio, office, or home.

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