Restoring Gratitude

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November 25th, 1-3 p.m.
367 St. Marks Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238


Gratitude is an act of self-empowerment and of service. Through gratitude we connect to ourselves and the whole, and can find a sense of peace, joy, and ease.

Sometimes we may feel disconnected from even the concept of gratitude, unable to feel it or remember it exists.

In this special 2-hour workshop, we will:

  • move through a centering to connect with gratitude
  • some asana focused on the heart
  • restorative yoga postures where participants will receive Reiki
  • a guided meditation focused on how gratitude can open the heart.
    Are you ready to restore or deepen your gratitude?
Join me on November 25th for this restorative experience.

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