Introduction to Meditation


January 6th, 2019 2:30-4:30 pm
Studio 2 Wellness, 78 Main St S, Georgetown, ON L7G 3G3 (Above the Olde Bank)

What is meditation and why bother?

There are many different kinds of meditation practices, each one designed to help grow different parts of the brain. All of the practices help you find a way to sit with yourself, your thoughts, and learn to understand more about your true nature or spirit.

Meditation is the act of effortlessly concentrating on one point for an extended period of time. It is the gateway to inspiration, intuition, insight, well-being and regeneration.

The practice also has many health benefits including working with stress, helping to find emotional balance, increased immunity, and can be therapeutic for your mental health.

Meditation holds within it the potential for healing – it’s just a matter of sitting down and doing it each day.

Not sure where or how to start? Join Heather Sanderson for a 2-hour introduction. In this workshop we will:

• Learn about the foundations of what meditation is and its benefits
• Find a comfortable way to sit
• Explore the breath and its relationship to thoughts and energy
• Experience some different breathing techniques
• Try a “short” meditation practice you can do at home
• Learn about Kriya (mantra) meditation and why it’s useful
• Experience a “longer” meditation including Kriya technique

Participants are encouraged to bring a notebook. Handouts will also be provided.

All are welcome, whether meditation is new to you, you’d like to try it again, or you have an established practice.

You will leave knowing how to meditation on your own at home, or continue meditation practices with others in a studio class or other environment.

$35 (+HST)

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