Full Moon Women’s Circle


Saturday Sept 9th, 8-9:30 p.m.
Shambhala Yoga & Dance
367 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Do you crave connection?
With a community of women?
With the cycles of the moon?

Calling all women to come together in community and work with the energy of the moon!

Join Shelly and Heather as they facilitate a monthly full moon ceremony – with a centering, sharing circles, chanting, dance, and meditation to help you find release. This will be a special space where all experience, emotion, and energy is honored and welcome. A place for you to be YOU!

Release, unwind, let go and find your authentic self.

Each month will offer a different theme, inspired by the energy of our sister moon.

Herbal tea or tinctures are included to help support us in this work.

Shelly Horn works as a youth educator, community organizer and dance teacher. Through yoga, dance/movement and healing, she has connected with sacred sisterhood, ceremony and lunar guidance.

Heather Sanderson works as a healer and yoga teacher. She is influenced by and works with the energy of the moon in many ways including ceremony, meditation and herbal allies associated with the moon.

$25/$20 in advance

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Heart Connection Workshopheartfullmoonself-love

Sunday September 10th, 2:30-4:30 pm.
Shambhala Yoga & Dance
367 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Did you know that the heart has an electromagnetic field that extends 8-10 feet from the body and is 5,000 times stronger than the field produced from the brain? (HeartMath Institute)

The heart is our primary sense organ and often that sensory experience is overlooked or overruled by the brain.

What happens when we actually tap into the power of our heart?

We are designed have constant communication between the heart center, the rest of the body, and the brain.

When we learn to be in connection with the heart, stay with the sensory experience, and allow the heart to show us ways of connecting – with ourselves, our true spirit, and others – the power of the heart can become limitless, accepting, and open.

This workshop will allow you to understand your own heart and how it works in relation to others, decision-making, and living your life in an embodied way.

In this workshop we will:

  • discuss a foundational overview of the heart from a yoga, chakra and scientific perspective
  • experience a cycle of attunement to help embody sensing from the heart
  • move through some yoga postures to explore your personal heart balance (and potential imbalance)
  • discover what messages the heart has for you through a deep meditation practice
  • connect with another participant in a heart-exploration exercise

$45/$40 in advance

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Yoga & Sound Healing Experiential Workshop

with Shakti Smith and Heather Sandersonunnamed

Saturday September 16th, 8 pm-10 pm.
Shambhala Yoga & Dance
367 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
$50/$40 in advance

Discover the healing power of sound with Shakti Smith and Heather Sanderson!

Why is sound important? Sound moves energy, balances the body systems, and harmonizes. Mantra and the sound of the singing bowls also shifts your state, brings you into a meditative state, and brings you into alignment with the divine/your highest self.

See how sound can help you find resonance and healing in the physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies as we introduce different techniques of hearing, creating, and receiving sound.

During our time together we will:

-Learn about the sacred Himalayan singing bowls and experience their power to help move energy, allowing healing to occur
-Hear some of the Western science that backs up this healing modality
-Move through a yoga practice designed to balance the fifth chakra (a center related to sound)
-Feel the resonance in the physical body of chanting mantra
-Experience toning
-Move into a deep healing experience with the help of some powerful Himalayan singing bowls

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