shambhalaarchJoin Heather Sanderson for a 5-week Reiki & Restorative Yoga series at Studio 2 Wellness starting January 13th!

Classes are from 3-4:15 pm.

Wrapped up in the internal nature of Winter, we’ll take the time to allow the body, mind, and energy to be supported in resting. In class, we’ll spend a little bit of time in gentle movement, then experience a few restorative postures (where the body will be supported by props to facilitate rest). While resting, Heather will offer Reiki to each participant in the class.

Drop in to any class for $10, sign up for a membership for $30/month or come to all 5 classes with a $40 class pass!

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Heather also offers Private Yoga Classes, Private Yoga Nidra, and Corporate Yoga Nidra Classes (Scheduled with you and your team at your office location).

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