Corporate Yoga Nidra Classes

Yoga nidra is a powerful tool that can help individuals, teams, and companies work more effectively and with enhanced focus on mental health. It’s accessible and easy to offer within your own work environment.


Yoga nidra is a guided meditation and visualization where we practice entering and staying with the alpha waves of the brain – essentially dreaming while awake. This allows us to work more consciously with the subconscious mind – where we can work with long-held beliefs and patterns, among other aspects of ourselves.

Want more detailed info? You can check out my 40-minute audio workshop, Yoga Nidra for Everyday Life, including a brief relaxation practice.

What are the benefits?

The overall benefits of yoga nidra can include:
(Source: Mona Anand Yoga Nidra Training)

  • helps promote deep relaxation of physical, mental and emotional body, releasing tension at every level
  • helps access and release information stored in the subconscious and unconscious mind, contributing to healing
  • can help restore lack of sleep (it is said that 20 minutes of yoga nidra can be equivalent to four hours of sleep)
  • helps enhance focus and concentration
  • helps enhance and build creativity, visualization and problem-solving
  • relieves stress
  • helps release hormones that are associated with pain reduction
  • can also be helpful for people working with anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD and chronic pain

The benefits for you and your team can include:

  • helps grow parts of the brain (neuroplasticity) in new ways
    • opening the mind to more possibilities; enhanced creativity
    • unsticking long-held thought patterns, beliefs, or ways of doing things leading to better problem solving skills
  • increased self-awareness and flexibility of mind, increasing capacity for conflict resolution
  • improve team dynamics and interpersonal skills
  • release stored emotions and past experiences
  • helps practice working with a higher emotional charge of energy (to help discharge it in healthy ways)
  • overall improved mental health (and possibly physical health too)

What can I expect in a one-hour class?

  • A brief seated meditation
  • Some basic movements to prepare
  • 25-30 minutes of yoga nidra
  • psychological support of a trained practitioner

What can I expect to happen as a participant?

No expectations needed. You’ll be guided through the class with explanations along the way. Questions are always welcome.

Yoga nidra is a practice that evolves over time. At the start and not be able to see images, colours, memories, etc. but in time, and as those parts of the brain change and grow, this can also change.

It’s a tool to learn more about yourself.

What’s the cost for a corporate class?

Minimum rate of $250 per hour.

How many people can attend?

As many people as can comfortable lay down on mats in the space.

Do I/my team have to go anywhere?

No, I can come to your office. So long as you are located in/near NYC and have a space where people can comfortably lay on mats.

How often is it beneficial to practice?

You can practice yoga nidra every day. There’s no “right” amount to practice. A weekly practice might be a good place to start.

How can I book a class?

Email Heather at to book.