Private Yoga Nidra

In these private yoga nidra sessions, we’ll have a brief 5-10 minute discussion about what you’re working with right now or how you’re feeling before diving into some movement and a yoga nidra practice tailored specifically for you!

Yoga nidra can help release stored memories and emotions from the subconscious. When we can specifically trigger held beliefs, trauma, or other aspects that have a hold on you, we create more space to become our true selves. It is also deeply restorative and 20 minutes of yoga nidra can replace four to six hours of sleep.

For more specific information about yoga nidra and its additional benefits, take a look at the FAQs or you can read (or listen) to my Yoga Nidra for Every Day Life short book.

Your investment:

Sliding scale of $95-$125 USD or CAD for 1-hour session via Zoom.
(pay what you choose within that range)

If you have questions or to book a session, contact me at

For an extra $10 you can receive a digital recording of your personal yoga nidra to use again.