Private Yoga Nidra

In these private yoga nidra sessions, we’ll have a brief 5-10 minute discussion about what you’re working with right now or how you’re feeling before diving into some movement and a yoga nidra practice tailored specifically for you!

Yoga nidra can help release stored memories from the subconscious. When we can specifically trigger held beliefs, trauma, or other aspects that have a hold on you, we create more space for healing and to become our true selves.

This practice isn’t about analyzing – it’s about drawing that unconscious, stuck “stuff” up to the surface and letting it go in a safe and facilitated way.

For more specific information about yoga nidra and its additional benefits, take a look at the FAQs.

Your investment:

$100 for 1-hour session via Skype or FaceTime.
$125 for a 1-hour session if I come to you in Brooklyn.
$150 for a 1-hour session if I come to you in Manhattan.

Longer sessions also available at agreed upon rates.

Cash, Venmo and Credit Cards  (+ processing fee) accepted.

If you have questions or to book a session, contact me at

For an extra $10 you can receive a digital recording of your personal yoga nidra to use again.