Embracing the Grey

I spent a few days last week feeling grey. It was grey outside, the energy I felt both collectively and personally felt grey. A bit stuck and uncertain how to make decisions given our shared pandemic.

I reached out to Holly Ramey for a Reiki + Tarot Session and she helped clear out a bunch of old stuck energy. Which helped it all to move. Helped me remember that not only was this a temporary grey it was also part of a larger internal process that has been going on for some time. That process needed me to rest.

A few days later, my vitality returned and I started to write you this newsletter. My heart laughed because in that place of grey I forgot just how much new growth is happening. Just how many new offerings have been coming through too. So focused on what isn’t, I forgot what is. I forgot to honour those blah days and grey times just as much as the bright spots.

So what are those new offerings?

Holly hosts an excellent podcast called Tarot Talk and she invited me to be a guest. It launches here today and you can listen to it on SpotifyApple, or wherever you listen to podcasts. In it we discuss various forms of working with our unconscious Self through the dream, bridging that world with our physical one, and why the dream world is so important to our wellbeing. I also share some of my own journey and how my work has evolved through yoga nidra, dream sharing, and dreaming with the plants.

Dreaming with Sumac: A Plant Spirit Short Read also launches today! It’s funny to realize now because right before I had those four days of grey I had just finished sending Sumac’s eBook off to Amazon. Sumac embodies the sacred masculine, the stag, and the energy of action. Among many other special gifts (and potent Vitamin C), Sumac’s fire-y energy helps you manifest what it is you would like to create in life and help you balance your inner fire. I adored spending so much time with Sumac while we were writing. I even created a short video with a beautiful antler made of her berries. Part of me felt a bit sad that our time together in this way was over.

Each one of these eBooks is a birth of sorts and as something new is birthed, something is also lost or dies. So those times of grey spent in between are necessary. To grieve, to nourish and to just let yourself be.

After any time of expansion or time spent in the solar/masculine energy of “doing” we need too the lunar/feminine energy of “receiving.” It reminds me of a yoga concept of spanda. Spanda is the expansion and contraction of absolutely everything. Part of the practice is in not being attached to one of these states or the other but knowing how to flow through the entire pulse of being.

To surrender any attempt to control and instead work with the energy of the moment, whatever it may be.


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