city meets nature

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city meets nature: a study of resilience is a series of original photos by Heather Sanderson taken in Toronto, Ontario in August, 2020.

This collection asks the question: what is our relationship with nature?

Can we recognize the parts of ourselves that survive, grow, and even thrive in impossible conditions? What role does nature have in our future survival and how has human dominance ruled in many societies? If we start to listen and look at ourselves as nature and not separate from it what might we learn?

Each print is available for viewing and purchase on Etsy until December 2020.

Imagine you’re entering a gallery and spend time with each piece. See what comes.

You can read more of the story behind the work here.

Heather Sanderson is a healer, writer, sacred plant medicine practitioner, and artist focusing on reclaiming the sacred feminine and invisible wounds. She lets the plants guide her in her work.

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