Corporate Reiki

15972369_10154934853583377_7219504091273437018_o-1Reiki is a Universal Energy that helps bring healing to the body and energy systems. It can also help remove and release physical, emotional and psychological blocks, improving your health and wellness.

In a session you will receive Reiki through the gentle placement of hands on the body or above the body to facilitate the flow of Reiki from the Universal to you.

While each individual responds differently to Reiki, there are several benefits to Reiki in the workplace. This is true especially over a period of time.

Benefits of Reiki in the workplace:

  • Supports the central nervous system, helping release tension and stress
  • A way to take time to “pause”, similar to meditation
  • Can bring clarity to the recipient
  • Potential to be energizing and revitalizing
  • Can be supportive and healing in working with anxiety, depression and trauma
  • Stress reduction is proven to help employees be more healthy, productive, innovative and creative

Options for employees:

  • Book a Reiki session ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour

Customize your Overall Reiki Program Including:

  • Introduction to Reiki and its benefits for employees:
    • Can be via email or other internal applications or websites
    • And/or brief in-person presentations
    • Q&A with Heather either online or in person
  • We determine together the frequency and length of visits to offer Reiki sessions to employees:
    • One day a week? (all day or half a day)
    • One day a month?
  • Employees would need to sign waivers indicating that they are responsible for their own health and this is not to be substituted as a medical treatment.

Cost to corporation:

  • To discuss. Dependent upon an hourly or daily rate.

Heather has worked at senior executive levels at Penguin Random House so she has keen insight into the needs of a large organization and the individuals that make it work. She has also been practicing and offering Reiki since 2013. She works intuitively, often combining Reiki with other energy modalities.

Heather was great at explaining Reiki and why it was so important to keep yourself balanced. The experience was wonderful she was super patient, kind, and comforting with her practice. She continually asked how I was feeling/doing and was very respectful of my space. Loved it!” –Employee at L’Oréal