Dream Sharing Sessions

26992697_10156041729443377_2034570469643331098_n“All dreams come in the spirit of healing” -Doug Grunther

Ever wonder what your dreams might be telling you?

Dreams help present and heal psychological blocks both individually and collectively. We all have a personal unconscious and Jung “proposed that there is a much deeper unconscious we all share. […] Through effective dream work, we can connect consciously to this profound reservoir of meanings and expand our awareness of our true nature.”

Dreams reveal to us the archetypes we are working with and the shadow version of those archetypes that want healing. They help to bring what is unconscious into consciousness – if we want to look at it and make it so. Once the unconscious is conscious, it no longer has the power to control us or how we live.

Why is Dream Work Helpful for Healing?

By working with the clues in a dream and making connections to what is going on in life, we start to bring healing to those areas of waking life. By sharing dreams with others, we start to heal more collectively as all of what we experience and heal individually is also shared and represented in all other beings.

What Do You Get from Sharing your Dreams?

We can all look at our own dreams and gain insight that is helpful. However, since dreams are coming to help us heal or work with the shadow or blocked energy, we are often unable or unwilling to see those parts of ourself without help. By sharing a dream with another and receiving insight (not analysis), you (the dreamer) can discover aspects of the dream that never would have occurred to you on your own. You still get to choose what resonates and works for you with access to more information.

Dream Sharing Sessions:

I can help provide some of that insight to you! Dream sharing provides insights that resonate with the dreamer. It is not about analyzing, interpreting or “figuring out”, and is about providing clues to help you understand more of what your dreams are trying to tell you. With this knowledge, energy starts to shift, hidden blocks start to dissipate, and healing often occurs with real results internally and externally.

I’ve been fortunate to work with dreams with Doug Grunther and Carole Guyett and have facilitated and supported several dream sharing workshops, trainings, and circles.

Now, I’m offering three ways to work together one-on-one:

Option 1:

We can work via email. You can write out your dream and send it to me. I’ll be able to get back to you within a reasonable timeframe with what your dream might be revealing.

Cost: $25 per dream email. Payable in advance via Venmo or by Credit Card.

Option 2:

We can work online via Skype or Facetime. You share your dream with me and we talk through what it might mean for you and what the dream might be revealing.

Cost: $85 for 45-minute session. Payable in advance via Venmo or by Credit Card.

Option 3:

We can work in person (if you’re in or around Brooklyn). You share your dream with me and we talk through what it might mean for you and what the dream might be revealing.

Costs depend on travel time etc. Please let me know if you’d like to meet up!

Email heather@journeythroughyoga.com for more information or to book your dream-sharing session today!