Episode 7 – Plant Blindness, Reconnection + Flourishing with Tigrilla Gardenia

In this episode of Majestic Wisdom Podcast Heather co-creates with Tigrilla Gardenia. Tigrilla works as a Nature-Inspired Leadership Mentor and studies Plant Intelligence and the Effects of Plant Music on Human Health. She is an influential speaker and mentor, running courses and workshops on reconnection with the plant kingdom and champions connection to nature as the basis for long-term health, happiness and success.

Tigrilla shares with us what reconnection with the Plant Kingdom means to her and how, by seeing our own plant blindness and remembering our plantness, we can remember our part within a greater ecosystem (and that we, individually, are an entire ecosystem). She reveals scientific and other insights into what this reconnection means for humans and plants to co-exist, co-create and thrive (or flourish) and how this helps us discern what a crisis is and whether or not to take action.

Heather also offers a plant spirit reading in relation to this work. We hope that this podcast will inspire you to connect with a plant near you and see what happens next… To find your own path to leadership and your unique purpose within the ecosystem of which you are already a part (and/or to find a new ecosystem if needed).

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Visit Tigrilla’s website: https://tigrillagardenia.com/
Personalized Mentorship with Tigrilla: https://tigrillagardenia.com/mentorship/
Reconnect with the Plant Kingdom: https://tigrilla-gardenia.mn.co/plans/103617?bundle_token=63b61f980fd9fab691dc0b41f0b537ee
Naturally Conscious Community: https://tigrilla-gardenia.mn.co/
Wild Spirit Plant Quiz: https://tigrillagardenia.com/what-s-your-spirit-wild-plant/
Damanhur: http://www.damanhur.org/

Connect with the Plants:

Plant and Tree Spirit Short Reads by Heather: https://journeythroughyoga.com/ebooks/ and you can follow her author page on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Heather-Sanderson/e/B0829HZNQZ for future book offerings

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