Episode 9 – Reclamation, Self Love + Ritual with Empress Ngala

In this episode of Majestic Wisdom Podcast Heather co-creates with Empress Ngala who has been exploring the art of self love and ritual for a number of years. She is a social worker by profession and is a certified yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, and is a student of spiritual herbalism, which looks at the way in which the spiritual energies of plants can support our daily living. She walks closely with those who came before her and works with others to cultivate and document their legacy. 

Empress Ngala shares what self love means to her and how reclaiming herself (and her name) has allowed her to create meaningful connection with herself, others, and life. She talks openly about her deep healing journey around self worth, the importance of ritual, and working with and trusting her higher Self, the wisdom of those who came before her, and spirit.

Heather also offers a plant spirit reading in relation to this work. We hope that this podcast will spark something within you that desires to reconnect, to be held, loved, and healed.

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