Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a Universal Energy that helps bring healing to the body and energy systems. It can also help remove and release physical, emotional and psychological blocks, improving your health and wellness.

In a one-hour session you will receive Reiki through the gentle placement of hands on the body or above the body to facilitate the flow of Reiki from the Universal to you.

Heather has been practicing and offering Reiki since 2013. She works intuitively, often combining Reiki with other energy modalities.

More information:

Sessions currently available in a private room at Shambhala Yoga & Dance in Crown Heights, Brooklyn on Fridays by appointment OR if we’ve met in person before, a private session is available in my apartment by appointment.

Email me at to book your session.

Reiki sessions (1 hour): sliding scale $100-$125.
Pay what feels right to you within that range.

Payment method:
Cash payment preferred.
Credit card payment starts at $105.