Heart Connection Album

Heart Connection Album

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(International Release)

What does your heart need most?
Have you asked?

When we learn to be in connection with the heart, stay with the sensory experience, and allow the heart to show us ways of connecting – with ourselves, our true spirit, and others – the power of the heart can become limitless, accepting, and open.

This album includes four unique practices that will allow you to understand and connect with your own heart:

    • A cycle of attunement to help you experience the sensations in your heart while also expanding out from that heart space
    • A variation of the cycle of attunement to help you stay with your heart sensations while also experiencing some memories or images
    • A seated meditation practice that includes a kryia meditation and a guided conversation with your heart to discover what it needs most
    • A yoga nidra practice where you can meet the guardian of your heart to help find a secret message your heart carries

Each practice can be done individually or you can listen to the first two recordings and then either the seated meditation or yoga nidra, taking any time you need to integrate the information you receive.

Listen now on Apple MusicAmazon MusicSpotify, YouTube, and all other digital music stores. (International Release).

With thanks to my teachers, Mona Anand, Carole GuyettAlan Finger, Sarah Platt-Finger, Peter Ferko,  and Rees Williams for your training, guidance and for influencing these recordings.