Shambhala Newsletter

Dear Shambhala Family,

It was about 7 years ago that I walked into Shambhala’s warm embrace on a very snowy night into a warm space with an even warmer welcome from the teacher, Sarah Schumann. She didn’t know it that night but she threw me a lifeline more than once that evening.

Quietly, and sort of staying at the edges, I kept going back. Showing up again and again. Without being fully aware of it at first, those steps on that cold wintery night were significant ones on my healing journey.

The following year I stepped into Shambhala’s Founder, Cathy Calderon’s Healer & Yoga Teacher Training. I had absolutely no intention to teach. I was so very “clear” on that until, one day, it shifted. I moved into the realm of possibility and again, was supported as I tentatively rented the studio and taught private classes not quite ready to teach publicly (I was terrified to, actually).

Until one October night when I came to attend a class at the teacher wasn’t there. A group of us were gathered upstairs, ready to practice and I heard myself say the words, “well… I could… maybe sorta kinda maybe… teach… maybe…”. I can still feel my heart race with the nerves that combined with my words. I was met with another warm, “would you, please?”. Something came through me and at the end of the class the sweet students gathered applauded. I’m so grateful they were there to support, encourage, and witness moment and who knows when I may have stepped up if it weren’t for them.

When I think of my time with Shambhala I see just how much has been divinely orchestrated. Just how much of this path has been cultivated because we had the space, support and community to explore. To allow. To be who we are. To show up with authenticity, no matter what that looks like. To connect because of that authenticity being loved.

I smile as I think about how, for years in the studio, I wouldn’t leave one particular spot in the room to now, how I’m changing where I live on a regular basis. I have been grateful to have YOU to return to again and again.

When I first learned that the studio was closing my immediate thought was of you. Of all the students I may not get a chance to say goodbye to and I was so emotional felt sadness fueled by love. You have been why I show up. It’s because of you coming to practice, exactly as you are, that I love this space so much and that I love you all so much.

Shambhala has always been about BIG love and I feel so grateful because of the truth of that way of being which we have all cultivated together.

The news of this closure has already taught me so much about my relationship with endings or death. The shift from form or structure into the formless and how important it is to “perfect” shavasana. At the same time I know and trust that this shift or dissolution of one space only means that the energy will resurface in other ways; it’s not gone.

With that in mind, I do hope so very much that you will stay in touch and come to other classes, workshops, and trainings that I have in the works. I have so many ways for us to stay connected. You can:

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I also have created private offerings including Reiki trainings, sessions and corporate offerings and have some exciting new Heart Connection and Dream Work Trainings coming up that I’d love to share with you!

Sending each and every one of you the hugest amount of gratitude and so much BIG love!

With gratitude and magic,