Sound Healing

77327799_2477980795783009_208840967996833792_oAfter a week of self-seclusion to focus on writing my body rejoiced at being able to practice yoga outside today! Under a brilliant sky and warming November sun I set foot on my balcony in Brooklyn, eager to be outside.

Immediately met by a constant screeching steel-cutting-saw-mixed-with-vacuum sound from the construction across the way I hesitated for a moment. Was this a good idea with all that noise? Then committed. The warmth felt glorious on my body as I sat. Taking the sounds in around me. The never-ending construction, sirens, planes combined together becoming neutral.

I started to move on the mat and as I did I let sound emerge through me. I joined the everything around me humming, grunting, grumbling in my throat, guttural, calling out, sending vibrations through my cells. Using my voice when I felt stuck guck in my hips and back that wanted to move. I could be as loud as I wanted! No one would hear me! And so my own voice grew with the backdrop of non-stop volume.

There I was toning. Sighing. Yelling. Louder!

Immersing in the sound of how my body felt as I moved. Sounding it out!

An hour later, as I rolled my mat I felt a different quality of vibration run through me and took time to delight in it. Nodding in thanks to the noise around, my heart smiling with delight.

My soul feeling well served.