Plant Spirit Medicine

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 10.42.05 AMAlmost exactly a year ago I completed a 3-year Apprenticeship with Carole Guyett at Derrynagittah in County Clare, Ireland. The final step was a ceremony where many of us claimed the medicine we are meant to be/bring into the world. My heart brightens now thinking of the ceremony and experience and what a momentous step it was. My Medicine is threefold: teaching, healing, and writing. I had been offering all three prior to the ceremony and, afterward, continued transformation from this ceremony led me to step even further in and commit more, especially to writing.

What to write? That was the perennial question. I searched and struggled and doubted and self-criticized and feared judgement of others up until this ceremony and afterward something shifted (and continues to grow). I continued to search for what the story was.

How could you be a writer without knowing what the story was? Like most things, it has been a process of discovery. I started many poetry projects, a novel, and then seemingly “out of the blue” a new vision appeared. A new vision that incorporated all three of my Medicines as well as my previous life working in publishing. Plant Spirit Short Reads!

The idea to create mini workshop-esque eBooks. Longer than what you would read online or in an article and shorter than an entire 300 pages on one topic. Enough to allow someone to have the foundation to explore more deeply their own relationship with a plant. From inception of the idea to execution was a matter of days. Before long I had tested the waters by converting some audio workshop scripts about Reiki and Yoga Nidra into eBooks and then set out to write the first original Plant Spirit book.

Dandelion came first and quickly. A true ally since childhood it was Dandelion who led me to Carole and all of you from the very beginning. So a natural friend to help launch this project. The writing flowed and felt effortless. It all just made sense. Before I was even finished Mugwort was (very strongly!) insisting that she be next and then Violet quietly yet firmly appeared. The plants are finding their way through and each book is a true co-creation with the spirit of that particular plant.

Aside from encouraging and guiding someone through a personal connection with each plant, a unique offering included within each book is a journey with the plant to receive a message, some internal wisdom, or vision. Just as you might if you were journeying with a drum or in meditation.

If you feel called to reading these Plant Spirit Short Reads you can do so on Amazon Kindle. Books are available immediately on your computer, a Kindle App on your phone or other device, or on a Kindle Reader. They’re available internationally in all Kindle stores (links below and on this page). Note that paperbacks are also now available!

More are sure to come through and you can always sign up for my newsletter and follow me on Amazon if you’d like to find out when they do. I feel some “Tree Spirit” books on the horizon, starting with Hawthorn.

Update, January 17, 2022: There are now over 20 plant and tree spirit short reads available as eBooks and paperbacks! You can find out more and click through to order over at Majestic Wisdom Publishing