Nature Connection: Love in Emergence

Nature Connection Album

I spent the other weekend in my closet.

On a Wednesday I had an idea appear during my yoga practice for a new meditation and yoga nidra album. I jotted down the idea and names for the recordings that night before bed. Spent the next day dreaming with it and then set to work over the weekend, fueled with an unusual amount of powerful, strong, focused energy channeling through me. Filled with inspiration and radiating, full of potential and excited with a clear undistracted mind.

Using my closet as a sound booth and pretending that I know how to sound edit on my laptop (I learn so much each time). At 11:46 pm on that Monday the album was complete and uploaded for distribution.

It happened so quickly that afterward, I wasn’t sure exactly what had happened. I felt confused, empty, a bit lost for a few days, and tired. After a such a charged active birthing experience, uncomfortable with the pause.

The pause of waiting for the work to appear out in the world vibrated through me with worry. How will it be received? Is it “good enough”? What if I made a mistake? I can’t fix it now. Will people get something from it? Will they even listen? Am I creating “too much” lately? Maybe I should hold back… What if the stores reject it? Was it too soon after the last one? Will they like it? What if they don’t?

All these thoughts interspersed with a love of creation and what had come through, trust in the process, and hope. Hope that this experience of channeling and being cast in the role of the midwife is to be of service in some way. Hope that these offerings will help someone somewhere somehow. Love in the experience itself.

As the recordings popped up in different places over a week later, I felt a sense of stability and then, with a deep breath I came back to center and remembered… to get out of my own way and ego, try to listen, and let go of the outcome. Always, to love. To love the parts of myself that call out within those surfacing questions because that is really what they’re asking to receive and to offer that love to others as well.

To love in the nature of being and connection inherent within us.

My heart now is truly ready and joyful to offer to you…

Nature Connection: Guided Meditation & Yoga Nidra. This new album includes four unique practices to help you connect with and access the world of plants, trees, and lunar cycles while simultaneously traveling deeper into your own inner world. Discover the support you need right now, what helps make you feel connected, and the beauty around and within you while building a deeper relationship with the natural world, your own true nature, and what you would like to manifest or create.

The entire album includes the following:

Connect with a Tree Meditation
This short seated meditation helps you merge with a tree quickly on a deep level. Finding a connection with a tree at your center helps you build a relationship to the tree world and to embody and feel into the nature of our fellow tree beings.

Tree of Support Yoga Nidra
A yoga nidra practice designed to help you explore what support means, feels like, and looks like for you. Connect with a tree for guidance and receive the support you need at this time.

Dreaming with Dandelion Yoga Nidra
A yoga nidra practice designed so that you can enter the world of the plants and dream with Dandelion. Enjoy an adventure and find out more about what community and connection means for you.

Full Moon Yoga Nidra
A yoga nidra to connect you with the energy of the moon, lunar cycles, and the beauty in nature here on earth, beyond, and within.

You can listen to or purchase the entire album or any one of the tracks that calls to you.

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(International Release)