Individual Healing Sessions

You are already whole.

How do you remember that wholeness?

Are there patterns in your life you are unable to change?
Do you need help moving through challenges or obstacles?
Need to restore and receive energy healing?

By incorporating many different healing modalities we can work together to aid in your personal healing journey.

A session may include:

  • Sharing and gaining insights
  • Reiki
  • Herbal infusions and/or tinctures
  • Meditation and visualization
  • Coaching or counseling in any aspect of work, life, and well-being
  • Yoga postures (active and restorative)

In our initial hour and a half session we’ll determine your current healing goals and begin to work towards achieving them.

You are empowered to ask for what you need (and we’ll find it together if you’re not sure what that is).

In following hour-long sessions we’ll explore and move through practical applications of these tools to help you heal.

(Reiki-only sessions also available).

More information:

Sessions currently available in a private room at Shambhala Yoga & Dance in Crown Heights, Brooklyn on Fridays by appointment.

Email me at to book your session.


Initial session (1 hour, 30 minutes): $125
Regular sessions (1 hour): $90

Payment method:
Currently accepting cash only.