Operation Tuition

I have a big/small ask… I’m excited and privileged to be starting a MA in Creative Writing at Harvard Extension School in Jan! A lifelong dream I put a pin in ages ago under the false belief that my writing wasn’t “good enough.” That I wasn’t good enough.

Now, of course, the timing comes after months of no income… (like many of us) and months of much more writing and finding confidence in my voice and self.

So… here’s the ask… it’s a bit “out there”… I’d love to finance the first course which costs $2,900 through my writing.

If you are able to spend $3 on an eBook, and we sell 1,450 eBooks by Dec 31st, then it’s covered!

I do envision my writing ultimately to be of service in some way—to help others find their path and voice too. So who knows how it will all ripple out. Can you chip in? All eBooks available exclusively on Amazon Kindle! You can also find links to paperbacks and audiobooks here too.

I posted this on Instagram and LinkedIn and already the support from friends is so heartfelt and encouraging. It’s been lovely to reconnect with you! I figured that I always like helping people reach goals that seem unreachable—so why not set one?

I registered for classes on November 9th so am starting the countdown from that date. I’ll update the number of books to go here! Right now it is: 1,378

It’s also fun to see which books people are resonating with. So far it’s a mix:

Dreaming with Holly, Mugwort, Dandelion, Sumac, Nettle, Violet, Redwood, Trillium, Loving Kindness for Everyday Life, Understanding Reiki and Yoga Nidra for Everyday Life.
For these and other books you can click here.

Want to know more of the story behind these short reads? You can read more here.

Some people are curious about how much I receive per kind of book. To be transparent, I’ll let you know! eBooks generally I receive $2, paperbacks $1.40 and audiobooks $3. When you read pages for free on your Kindle I receive less than a penny per page so basically they’re free (but great if it helps you connect with a plant or tree!) and audiobook listens on subscription sites are anywhere from $0.25 to $0.49 per play.

Mostly, thank you for your help and support!! It means so very much to launch these book beings even more into the world and I hope you enjoy spending time with them.