Your Creative Power Album

Your Creative Power Yoga Nidra (1)

Your Creative Power: Yoga Nidra Album includes four unique practices to help you connect with your creative life force. Creativity can mean anything from picking up a paintbrush to cooking a meal to contemplating the best outcome or solution at any point in time. All of life is creative and the more you build your creative muscles, the more options you have to choose from.

Yoga Nidra helps you tap into your creative forces in many ways. Partly by healing any injured parts of your creativity and beliefs around it and also by building the ability to visualize. (I dive into these – and other – healing aspects more deeply in Yoga Nidra for Everyday Life).

The entire album includes the following offerings:

Your Heart Spirit Guided Visualization
This short seated meditation is designed to help you feel into the sensations at your heart, see the elements within you, and connect with your true spirit.

Guided Deep Relaxation
A practice done laying down where you scan and relax your physical and energetic body. This is useful at any time and, in relation to creativity, it can help you find release so that creative energy flows more.

Book of Life Yoga Nidra
A yoga nidra practice designed to help you see the stories in your life you’d like to shift or release as well as the new ones you’d like to create.

Your Creative Power Yoga Nidra
A yoga nidra practice designed to help you discover more of your creative voice, gifts, power and specifically see something you’d like to create in your life or bring into the world.

You can listen to or purchase the entire album or any one of the tracks that calls to you.

Available now on Apple Music, SpotifyYouTube, and all other digital music stores. (International Release).