Guided Meditation to Release Holding

There’s a pretty potent full moon out there (and moving through us) today! Emotions may be heightened, energy may be demanding, you may feel stalled or stuck (as a result of the mars retrograde) and perhaps holding on is the exact right thing for today… (or any day).

If you are curious about the places in your body and breath where there are patterns of holding (some of which may serve you, others may not), I invite you to take twelve minutes today and listen to/experience this new Guided Meditation to Release Holding. Release may be what’s needed (or maybe not)… and through exploring this question in the mind, body, and breath, shifts are bound to occur. 

Available now on Apple MusicSpotifyYouTube, and all other digital music stores. (International Release).

If this isn’t your jam today, I have a bunch of other meditations and yoga nidras available, including one that focuses on the Full Moon energy in general

Sit or lay down, rest, recover, and give yourself a moment of internal medicine, should it be what you need.